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Ausgabe 06/2023

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Diversity and Variety of Cardiovascular Medicine

Publiziert am 22.11.2023
In your hands you are holding the newest edition of our cardiovascular magazine. With every new issue I am impressed about the diversity and variety of cardiovascular medicine.
Nadine Molitor, et al.
Publiziert am 22.11.2023
Nadine Molitor

The aim of this case series was to evaluate the feasibility and safety of a jugular approach for leadless pacemaker implantation. In our experience from the first ten patients, this access site seems to be as safe and effective as the standard femoral approach.

Gonca Suna, et al.
Publiziert am 22.11.2023
Gonca Suna

This case highlights the feasibility and safety of CTI-dependent atrial flutter ablation after tricuspid valve-in-valve replacement, which has not been reported so far.

Stefano Caselli, et al.
Publiziert am 22.11.2023
Stefano Caselli

This article presents two sisters with focal atrial arrhythmias originating from the right and left interatrial septum. The diagnosis of Lamin A/C mutation was made years after the intervention.

Andrea Papa, et al.
Publiziert am 22.11.2023
Andrea Papa

Isolated right ventricular myocardial infarction (iRVMI) is a rare condition and can be potentially overlooked. The prognosis of such an event can be poor, irrespective of the involvement of the left ventricle, potentially leading to lethal arrhythmic and mechanical complications. This report describes the rare case of an iRVMI due to an acute ostial occlusion of a small right ventricular branch, which triggered an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.