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Beschichtete Vorhänge wehren Erreger ab

Maša Diethelm
Publiziert am 05.12.2023
Kampf den Keimen: Empa-Forschende haben beschichtete Textilien entwickelt, die Krankheitserreger hemmen oder sogar abtöten. In Spitälern könnten sie künftig unter anderem als antimikrobielle Vorhänge eingesetzt werden.

Specialized Clinical Care Pathway for Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Original Article
Jérôme Dällenbach, et al.
Publiziert am 30.11.2023
Jérôme Dällenbach

The implementation of a new NSTEMI specialized clinical care pathway was associated with a reduction of six hours in the median door-to-cardiology time, a reduction of two days in the length of hospital stay, as well as a significant reduction in the number of misdiagnoses.


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Aktuelles aus der Wissenschaft
Prof. Dr. med. Lars C. Huber, Prof. Dr. med. Martin Krause
Publiziert am 29.11.2023
Prof. Dr. med. Lars C. Huber, Prof. Dr. med. Martin Krause

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Hans Hofmann, et al.
Publiziert am 29.11.2023
Hans Hofmann

Bei einem 58-jährigen Patienten mit rezidivierendem Vorhofflimmern und -flattern kam es nach einer Elektrokardiokonversion trotz suffizienter oraler Antikoagulation zu einem Hirn- und Niereninfarkt und darüber hinaus zu einer leichten kardialen Dekompensation.

Guido Schüpfer, et al.
Publiziert am 22.11.2023
Guido Schüpfer

Digitalization of the healthcare sector is changing its landscape. Artificial intelligence is bound to have a major impact on care providers and their interactions with their patients. As promising as new technologies may be, there will be side effects. New technologies will place new and higher demands on its users and will require an extremely high level of expertise to check plausibility. Alongside increases in efficiency and effectiveness, the demands on the humans in healthcare will also rise.

Laura Rings, et al.
Publiziert am 22.11.2023
Laura Rings

What do the special task forces of the Federal Police and heart surgeons have in common? Maybe the public impression of a burst in power. Or the great responsibility both specialties carry and the expertise in their respective field. The more you think about it, the more parallels become visible.

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